Monday, July 4, 2011

The Last Trip Around Taiwan

Well, everyone is out doing some hiking. Unfortunately, the mountain they're going to is a bit too much for me these days, so I'm at home instead, relaxing.

I don't mind it though. To be honest I kind of need a few hours by myself to rest, because we have been busy! Visiting Taiwan is great, because there is a lot to do. But sometimes there is too much to do, and too little time.

Melissa accompanied me to work for two days, which was an interesting experience for her. The kids were totally wild, partly because it was the last day of school and partly because there was a new person in the room. They were super excited to see my sister, and many of the girls immediately clung to her. She had a great time being in the classroom with me, although I think our field trip to the Science and Technology Museum might have been too much! Her and I were in charge of about 15 kids while at the museum, but she was not familiar with them and found it difficult to tell them apart from each other. "I don't know how you do this everyday" she said to me after we left my school Friday afternoon. I don't know either, Melis.

Alicia arrived Friday night, and we spent Saturday touring Kaohsiung. Jonathan took them to Monkey Mountain, where they did some hiking, and his sister got harassed by a monkey. Later in the afternoon we drove down by Kaohsiung harbor (the 6th largest harbor in the world!), through the university that sits at the foot of Monkey Mountain, and then up the coastal side of the mountain for a swim and some afternoon tea. Tea houses with beautiful views of the Taiwan Strait are scattered along the side of this mountain, and it's really lovely to stop at one and enjoy an iced green tea while watching the sun set over the Strait.

8am Sunday morning we were out the door, heading down to Kending. My sister got her scuba certification before coming over here, so we want to make sure she logs a decent number of dives before she goes back. While her and Jonathan spent Sunday and Monday diving, I took Alicia and our friend Mike snorkeling, swimming, and for a nice walk in Kending National Park. We will be back in Kending next weekend, and while I'm sure my sister will want to get a few more dives logged, I hope we can find time to get back to Kending National Park. It's a a great place to walk around, and there are a few pavilions that offer amazing views of Taiwan's southern tip as well as the beginning of the east coast. On a clear day you can even see the beautiful Orchid Island out in the distance.

So, that's it for now. We will be somewhat low key for the next two days but then heading off for the east cost Wednesday night. Travel stories to be continued...

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