Thursday, June 23, 2011

Let the search begin

It's job hunting time!

Well, for Jonathan anyway. I seriously doubt that anyone is really in need of an almost 6 month pregnant woman, so I will refrain from trying to find a job at the moment. I almost think it may be better this way, because if things don't shape up the way we are hoping they do, at least there will only be one discouraged and frustrated person, instead of two. Instead, I can be the "hunter" and "cheerleader", doing my best to alleviate the pressure that comes with looking for a job. Yay!

Although the effort is not going to be maximum at this point, we are beginning to see what's out there, and get a feel for the market. Jonathan has taken the following steps, which I think are a great start in the right direction:
  • upload resume to websites like
  • searching casually for jobs who have the phrase "Chinese language ability a plus" under their requirement section
  • sending in resumes and cover letters for any interesting positions
I have also been spending some of my free time searching the databases, and so far I really like and I'm not really a fan of careerbuilder or monster, because I find their layouts to be so confusing, and they never seem to have quality jobs. It's always some financial services position or account manager. Don't they have enough of those people already?

I have also considered just looking up a list of businesses in the Philly area, and scanning the "Career" section of their websites for any good openings. Or even just sending in a resume and cover letter.

But, it's been so long since either of us have been in the US job market, that I don't know if there is some great new job search engine that we're not utilizing. Or some new method that's all the rage. So here are my questions-

1. Where else should we be searching? And, is there any better website than careerbuilder on which we can post resumes?

2. How are you guys over there looking for jobs these days??

3. And tell us the truth: are there even any to be had??


  1. Get signed up with a linkedin account. It's a professional "social-networking"site that allows you to connect and network. I receive an email of job opportunities sent based on my networks, groups I'm associated with, and preferences on a daily bases. It's another place to post your resume and have your "connections" leave recommendations for potential employers to read and have an initial preview of the type of person you are.

  2. Thanks Kel. I do have linked in actually, but I don't use it. I will have to look at it more and start connecting with groups and people.

  3. I sent 8 resumes with no cover letter which equaled no response. I set out 2 resumes with a crappy generic cover letter, also no response. I sent 3 resumes out with a well thought out cover letter and I got 3 responses. But in the end I rejected all interviews and found my job via networking. Good luck and let me know if you need a reference for an outstanding scuba diver if that is a qualification needed:)