Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Not all that bad

Some days at my work are really awesome. Like the day I took the above pictures. That was during our winter break "camp". For the month-long winter holiday, and summer vacation our regularly scheduled English class is put on hold, and we have an English class camp. The classes are smaller, material is more fun, and the idea is just to make sure everyone is having a good time.

Last winter vacation I had one class with only four students, and some of my favorite students too! We did some English work, but I didn't want to bore them too terribly, so we played a lot of games too. One day I brought in the macbook to show them photos from my latest scuba diving adventures, and then we found the Photo Booth. I had never even open the program before, but we soon discovered all of the wacky settings, and my students had a great time taking funny pictures of themselves. Before long we had half of the school waiting to try it, and even my boss got her head in a few shots.

It's days like that one which I know I will miss greatly when it's all over. If I'm ever stuck back in an office somewhere I'm sure at some point I'll ask myself, "Why did I want to quit being and English teacher?"

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